Castle Coombe - The Uncensored Story.
by: Ken Saunders
from: Fortification - November 1996

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Castle Coombe - The Uncensored Story.

The weather forecast for the weekend was not very good, however we were all pleased that the weather people got it wrong again. My day did not start off too well as when I went to start my GT40 I had no electrics and had to carry out install temporary lash up to get it back again. Hopefully I will find some time to find the real problem and fix it.
My second problem was when I was thrown off before even getting onto the track because the noise level of my GT40's exhaust was too high, 109dbs at 3,500RPM with the limit for the day being 102dbs. I am please to say that the rest of the day's events were to more than make up for these early disappointments.
I lost count of the number of member's cars but I can tell you that we had around sixty club members at the event. We had a marquee and buffet similar to that which I had organised for our 10th anniversary celebrations last year and I think that was well received by all and will now become a regular feature for future Kit Car Action Days at Castle Coombe. Following a very pleasant day at the circuit most of those attending set off for the Hotel at Keynsham where many were to stay overnight and where the evenings buffet and general shindig was to take place.
Ron Farmer brought along the video that he has produced of the 1996 trip to France by the club and this was shown to a very appreciative audience. If you would like to see what the group got up to on the 1996 trip to France and Le Mans then copies of this video are available from Ron Farmer for the sum of 20 plus 1.50 P&P per copy. Ron's address is Three Gables, Woolfardisworthy, Bideford. North Devon. EX39 5PZ.
Before we set about trying to empty the bar and much to my embarrassment and temporary complete loss of suitable words, Robin Sundt presented me with some vintage Port in appreciation of my efforts in organising the trip to France. I must again thank Robin and all those who have expressed their appreciation to me for my effort and I must say that I feel a bit of a fraud as at least part of my efforts were self motivated in that I wanted to have the most enjoyable time that I could for myself. It is also very satisfying to know that my efforts have produced the desired outcome and I can only hope that I can reproduce this for our trip in 1997. I look forward to spending another very enjoyable holiday with the best group of people that I could want to call my friends.
Right now, back to the story, if you have lost track, pay attention. I was on about the Kit Car Action Day event. After managing to at least denting the bar stock if not completely depleting it we disappeared to our various rooms in the Grassmere and Grange Hotels.
In the morning after a magnificent full English breakfast we set off for the Bristol Karting Centre where we were to run the GT40 Replica Club Go Kart Grand Prix. I think about twenty six members took part in the event plus about twenty local Karting enthusiasts had been invited to give us some competition, needless to say they were nearly all light weight youngsters and Karting experts and generally showed us the way that it should be done, however we put in a very good showing with Ady Wren becoming the club's champion, representing us in the final, unfortunately the experts had the edge and once in front it was virtually impossible to pass. I think everybody enjoyed the event and I know that the Western group have plans to organise further karting events.
My thanks and I am sure those of the rest of the group go the Robin Sundt and Richard Llewellyn who organised the previous evening and the karting. As someone said on Saturday evening "we look forward to Robin's 51st birthday celebrations" and whilst we are on that subject, welcome Robin to the 50's club when, contrary to popular belief, life really begin. All in all this weekend turned out very well and was enjoyed by all.

Ken Saunders

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