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Do you want to build a GT40?
by: R.C. Sundt

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Building a GT40 Replica.

Several times a week I get email from people all over the world who are interested in building a GT40. So I thought that it would be a good idea to put my thoughts here for those who might be considering building one of the best looking cars in the world and who would like the experience of driving their own GT40.

These thoughts and opinions are my own and I would welcome any comments or questions. I enjoy receiving the emails - so keep them coming anyway!

There are two companies in the UK that will sell you a "complete kit." Tornado and GTD.

GTD is extremely good, high quality but may be a bit more expensive - you get what you pay for! GTD is at 15 Balena Close, Creekmoor Trading Estate, Poole, Dorset BH17 7DB. Tel: +44 1202 694861.

Tornado produces a very good replica at a reasonable price which is also of very good quality. Tornado is at Unit 25, Meadow Mills Industrial Estate, Dixon Street, Kidderminster, Worcs DY10 1HH. Tel: 00 44 1562 820372. Andy Sheldon there has always been very helpful to me and is very knowledgeable.

I am afraid that I do not know the current prices of their "complete kits" or of their body, chassis and parts packages but I would suggest a phone call to each. Both GTD and Tornado produce excellent kits. From personal experience, Andy at Tornado is very prepared to help you if you want to buy some stuff from him and source other stuff locally at a cheaper price.

There used to be two other companies in the UK. Dax no longer produces its replica as it now concentrates on other things. KVA used to be a fourth company in the UK, in fact Ken Atwell got the whole GT40 replica market off the ground with KVA, but he sold it to a US firm, Integrity Coach Werks,Inc. In July 1996, they were taken over by SABRE Automotive, Inc of Florida.

The GT40 replica club is VERY useful for sourcing parts and for finding people who have done before what you are trying to do. The address is on my GT40 page. The club can be helpful wherever you are in the world, we have members in the US, Australia, all over.

Both UK companies do "complete kits" which have everything you need to build the car. They also do "packages" such as rolling chassis etc. that enable you to do more or less of the work yourself. You can make the total price less by buying some parts yourself - the GT40 Club is a good place to do this or to find out what it is you are looking for. If you know the original car from which a part - such as headlights - comes from then you can usually buy it for half the price. Some parts can be second hand or reconditioned which saves even more.

In addition to these UK manufacturers there are several other companies around the world producing GT40 Replicas. Check out the GT40 Website Index page for full details on all the ones that I have managed to find so far.

You need to spend a considerable time talking to each manufacturer about their specific programs before making up your mind. If you decide to buy a UK kit, I would strongly suggest that it would be a wise investment to take a trip across here and to meet with them before deciding. You would also be very welcome to join in one of the Club events. If you are in the Surrey area, drop in and I will take you for a spin!

If you are going to build one, before you start, decide what you want to build. An exact replica of the original? A really good, safe and very fast car that has the great looks of a GT40? Then do a budget - you can do it for 20,000 US Dollars with parts you recondition yourself - or about 35,000 US Dollars for a complete kit - or the sky's the limit for a perfect replica.

This is NOT a beginners car. The "complete kits" that people like GTD and Tornado produce are very comprehensive but even they take a great deal of work - one to two years of hard work is about average and six or more years not uncommon. If you are doing a lot of the work yourself it takes even longer and requires more skill. Well over 500 GT40 kits have been sold in the UK but the GT40 Replica club knows of less than 100 cars that are on the road.

I am not trying to dampen your enthusiasm (or save your marriage!) - its just that it is a significant investment in money and an even bigger investment in time. BUT - It is more than worth it!

OR - If you don't want the hassle of building one, perhaps you might be interested in a complete, finished, second hand car. Send an email to our club Chairman, Ken Saunders - he always knows where there are cars for sale.

You can get hold of Ken Saunders at

For a bibliography on the GT40, here are some ideas:

The Ford that beat Ferrari - Gordon Jones & John Allen - Pub: Kimberley - The best, buy it if you find it, current price is astronomical - I know of several people who would pay almost any price if they could find one. I am very lucky because my brother and father found one for my 50th birthday and I can confirm that it is definitely worth having!

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