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Page updated: 18th May, 2005.

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GT40 Enthusiasts Club - Members Pages:

Ken Saunders' Home Page.
Lyndon Evans' Site.

GT40 Enthusiasts Club - Cars and Parts for Sale and Wanted.

GT40 Enthusiasts Club.
For details about the club and how to join Visit the GT40 Enthusiasts Club website


Le Mans 24 Hours Pages:

Automobile Club de L'Ouest - 24 Hour Race Official Site.
Automobile Club de L'Ouest - Official Club Site.
Club Arnage. The original web guide to the Le mans 24 Hour race.
Le Mans 24 Hour Race - Official Site.
City of Le Mans - Official Site.
Le Sarthe - Official Site.


GT40 Related Web Sites:

GT40's and European Classic Car Racing from ManCo Automotive.
The Wacky GT40, Matthew L. Prater and a GT40 Bio by Don Schmitz.
GT40 - The Greatest Car Ever Built, Ben Moloney (Slow Site).
GT40 #1075, Ben Moloney (Slow Site).
The Great Ford GT40.
Cobra & GT40 Marketplace (More Cobras than GT40s).
Luuk de Boer from Holland - Cobra and GT40 enthusiast.
Kitcar Net - Information on the GTD40.

An original GT40 was FOR SALE at Symbolic Motors:

GT40 #1063

1966 Ford GT40, S/N 1063. Red/black. This immaculate street version was part of the Ford inventory until 1980. It has registered only 4,000 miles ever. It was restored in 1981 and remains one of the finest examples of it's type in the world! $425,000. Symbolic. (619) 454-1800

And, if you had won the Lottery in 1998, - 1076 was for sale!

GT40 #1076

1968 FORD GT40, S/N 1076. Blue/Black. Final of three Gulf Team race cars. Finished third overall at Le Mans in 1969! $1.7M. Symbolic. (619) 454-1800. Check out their site for the latest bargains!

Symbolic Motor Car Company

7440 La Jolla Blvd
La Jolla CA 92037
Tel (619) 454-1800
Fax (619) 454-1890


GT40 Replica Manufacturers Information:

Within the world there is now a proliferation of companies that are producing or have produced GT40 replicas. It is proving difficult to keep track of which companies are still active, which have been sold (and to whom) and which are either no longer in existence or no longer making GT40s. Any information that may help to bring this information up to date would be greatly appreciated. Please email me with any information that you may find.

Mail email to


Tornado Sports Cars

Makers of the Tornado TS40 - Kits and ready to go cars.
Visit the Tornado Web Site
Contact: Andy Sheldon
Unit 25, Meadow Mills Industrial Estate
Dixon Street, Kidderminster
Worcestershire DY10 1HH England

Tel & Fax: +44 1562 820372
Tornado also have a US Distributor - see below.
Info pack £3.50 UK, £4.50 Overseas.

GTD Supercars

Note: GTD seems to have gone off the air - any information would be greatly appreciated.
Makers of the GTD40 - Kits and ready to go cars. More Information
Visit the GTD Supercars Web Site
Contact: Andy Fincham or Spencer Marsh
GTD Supercars Limited
Unit 12b, Gorsey Lane
Coleshill Industrial Estate
Coleshill, B46 1JU

Tel : 01675 465888
Fax : 01675 465985
e-mail GTD Supercars

Thunderbird Racing International Inc.

Facilities to build and repair GT40s and Cobras.
Contact: Dave Guest
1 Derby Road
Kirby-in -Ashfield
Nottinghamshire NG17 9BX

Tel : 01623 722288
Mob: 07957 153733
Fax : 01623 722299
e-mail Thunderbird racing International
We build racing GT40 replica cars. We can build to owner's specification, Chevy & Ford V8 engines built to order. Hewland and renault gearboxes rebuilt. One off parts made to order. Advice is free - give us a call.
No job too big. No job too small.


Levy Racing

United States Distribution of the Roaring Forties RL GT40 (see Roaring Forties, Australia).
Contact: Gordon Levy
1127E Curry Road #3
Tempe, AZ 85281 USA

Tel: (480) 446-8442
Fax: (480) 303-0536
email: Gordon Levy

ERA Replica Automobiles

Makers of the ERA GT40. More Information
Visit the ERA Web Site
608-612 East Main Street, New Britain
Connecticut 06051, USA

Tel: (860) 229-7968 or (860) 224-0253
Fax: (860) 827-1055

Kit prices from $54,900, ready to go cars from $110,000.
Information pack $10.

Holman Automotive Inc. (Holman Moody)

Near original replica of the GT40 MkII.
Visit the Holman Moody Web Site
Contact: Lee Holman
P.O.Box 669351
Charlotte, NC 28266 USA

Tel: (704) 394-2151
email: Holman Moody

Tornado Sports Cars USA

Importers of the Tornado TS40
Visit the Tornado USA Web Site
Tornado Sports Cars USA
186 Hall Avenue, Meriden
Connecticut 06450, USA

Tel: 1-800-724-0522
Tel: (203) 639-8710
Fax: (203) 630-2760

GTD Performance 40's

Importers of the GTD40
Contact: Bud Jones
650 Lido Drive, Livermore
California 94550

Tel: (510) 443 4717
Fax: (510) 449 8291

American GT

A Maverick Motorsports L.L.C. company producing a GT40 Replica based on the KVA GT40 which originated in the UK.
Contact : Chris Bramhall - Complete ready to go cars with warranty only.

2711 West 78th Street
Praire Village
Kansas. 66208. USA

Tel : (913) 648-8506 or (913) 219-6281

Lone Star Classsics

Makers of the LS40, a Texas car - a bit longer, wider and higher than the original.
Visit the Lone Star Classics Web Site
715 Katy Road, Suite 2306, Keller
Texas 76248, USA

Tel: (817) 431-5422
Kit prices from $19,500, ready to go cars from $32,000 plus engine and transaxle.

GT3 Corporation

Formerly SABRE Automotive. Now making the GT3 - a GT40 Mk3 roadster.
Visit the GT3 Web Site
Contact: John Donnolly
879-5 NE Dixie Highway
Jensen Beach, Florida 34957 U.S.A.

Tel: (561) 334-9555
Fax: (561) 334-0503


Makers of the T-3 Replica
6834 S. University Blvd. Unit 205
Littleton, CO 80122, USA

Tel: (303) 794-9638


Manufacturer of the ASPP Mk.1 & ASPP Mk.2 conversion kits for the Fiero.
740 W. Main Street, Superior
Arizona 85273

Tel: (502) 689 0100
Re-Body kits from $6,998.


Roaring Forties

Manufacturers of the RL GT40 Replica in Australia.
Visit the Roaring Forties Web Site
Contact: Robert Logan
Unit 2, 7 Dalkeith Drive, Dromona
Victoria 3936, Australia

Tel: +61 3 5981 4044.
Mob: 0419 002 631.
email: Roaring Forties

GT40 Australia

New owners of DRB Enterprises Pty. Ltd. Manufacturers of the DRB GT40
Visit the GT40 Australia Web Site
Contact: Peter Ransom
P.O.Box 192, Arundel MDC
Queensland 4214, Australia.

Tel: +61 7 5529 1655
Kit prices from $16,000.
email: GT40 Australia

New Zealand

GT40 Replication Ltd

Manufacturer of GT40 Mk I replicas
Visit the GT40 Replication Ltd Web Site
Contact: Phil Ware
62 Kelvin Road
Auckland 1005, New Zealand.

Tel and Fax: +64 9 5247409
email: GT40 Replication Ltd
Kits from US$11,700, Turnkey build from US$43,000

South Africa.

Cape Advanced Vehicles

Manufacturers of the hand crafted, fully assembled CAV GT
Visit the Cape Advanced Vehicles Web Site
Auto Futura, Unit 4 Tifosa Park, 5 Bell Crescent, Westlake Business Park
Westlake, 7945, Cape Town, South Africa

Tel: +27 21 702 3307 or +27 21 702 3081
Fax: +27 21 702 2419

John Spence email: John
Jean Fourie email: Jean
Andrew James email: Andrew

A little over a year ago, Cape Advanced Vehicles, who manufactured the CAV GT, was liquidated. Auto Futura bought the liquidated assets and rights to manufacture the car. Auto Futura is in no way connected to the “old CAV” and the owners/directors of Auto Futura were never owners/directors or shareholders in Cape Advanced Vehicles or any other subsidiary of that company.

Auto Futura is happy to announce that we are up and running and producing the CAV GT. We run a very different operation to the old CAV, only manufacturing two cars a month. Our focus is on overall build quality and performance of the CAV GT. Auto Futura runs with a compliment of 17 staff members, including Jean and myself. We are both “hands on” and are involved daily in the manufacture of the cars.

To date we have made more than 50 changes to the CAV GT. The CAV GT is already widely regarded as the best GT40 recreation around and we are committed to making it even better. Auto Futura has appointed two distributors in the USA (Roy Sayles of VIP Classics & Bill Andrews of HRE) and one in Canada (Ian Clark of CAV Canada). We are in the process of appointing a UK and European distributor. We are also talking to other people interested in other regions and countries. Look out for updates and announcements on our web page Please contact us should you require any further information.

CAV Distributors
VIP Classics, San Diego, California
Contact: Roy Sayles email: Roy

Tel: +1 (619) 232 6864

HRE Motorcars, Long Island, New York
Contact: Bill Andrews email: Bill

Tel: +1 (516) 378 5461

CAV Canada MotorSports Inc., Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Contact: Ian Clark, President email: Ian

Tel: +1 (905) 637 9362, Mobile Tel: +1 (905) 320 6309, Fax: +1 (905) 637 8123

GT-40 Developments

Makers of GT40 Replicas and parts in South Africa

Contact: John Botha
PO Box 10201
Edenglen 1613, RSA

Tel: +27 11 452 2183
Mob: +27 82 927 8878

John Botha is building one-off replica's to a high standard mainly for export to Europe. He also fabricates numerous specialised parts such as Ford/Audi gearbox adaptors, Audi cable shifts, suspension upgrades etc.

Bailey Edwards Cars

A new GT 40 replica manfacturer in South Africa, the company has been running for a year producing kits and completed cars for export and the local market. Two types are availible called the "BEGT 40 roadster" a road going version and the "BEGT 40 Le Mans" a racing version.
More Information

tel: +2711-970-1837
fax: +2711-975-0205


Replica Car and Kit Car Web Sites:

Kitcar Online from Daryl Erwin.
Kitcar money-saving tips and secrets for buying and building your kit car.
Kitcar Net. The guide to the British Kit Car Industry.
British Car Com - run in cooperation with British Car Magazine.
Kit Car Buyer's Guide from Crown Publishing, California, USA.
Kit Car Information in the USA from CyberCars.
Car Clubs - Worldwide Listing.
Visual Marketplace Online, Inc. US Kit Car Marketplace.
UK Classic & Kit Car Resources.
UK Kit Car Marketplace from FindIt Ltd.
British Hand Crafted Cars, the International Magazine for British home built cars.


Automotive and Racing Web Sites:

Scions of Lucas - British Car Webs.
The On-Line Automotive Archive by Paul Negyesi.
Race Cars.
Classic Race Cars from Duncan Hamilton Co. Ltd, Basingstoke, England.


GT40 Enthusiasts Club.
For details about the club and how to join Visit the GT40 Enthusiasts Club website


And, if you still can't keep your feet on the ground...

Check out the next best thrill to driving a GT40:

P-51 Mustang

Flying a P-51 Mustang! Check out the Stewart S-51D Mustang on Mike McConnell's website.


And, if you can't keep your head above water...

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Scuba Divers

Scuba Diving! Check out Sunsea International for Scuba Diving around the World.


For further information about building GT40 Replica cars,
just to chat about GT40s or if you have any comments on the website:
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