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GT40 Website Index Page. A comprehensive index of other Websites that feature the Ford GT40. Contact names and addresses for GT40 Replica Manufacturers Worldwide. GT40 Enthusiasts Club details. Automotive & Racing Sites and much more.
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GT40 Cars, Articles and Reports.

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GT40 Enthusiasts ClubThe GT40 Enthusiasts Club.
The club was formed in 1985 by a small group of people who had or were building GT40 replicas. Originally the club was called the GT40 Replica Owners Club; today we are called the GT40 Enthusiasts Club as we also have members who own original GT40's as well as replicas and many members who don't have cars. We are an International Club with members in USA, Europe, Australia, and many other countries around the world. The largest group is the membership in the UK were the club is based. In the UK we have regional centres with monthly meetings, we regularly attend car shows, track events and take our cars onto the race circuits regularly. We are trying to arrange annual meetings in the major centres of our membership in the various countries around the world as a prelude to more regular meetings and events.

GT40 Enthusiasts Club.
For details about the club and how to join Visit the GT40 Enthusiasts Club website

GT40 Car

  • New Article.
  • 2003 Trip to Le Mans by R.C. Sundt
  • GT40 Construction, Testing, Build Tips and Technical Information.
  • Design and Construction by R.C. Sundt
  • Development and Testing by R.C. Sundt
  • Do you want to build a GT40? by R.C. Sundt
  • Personal GT40 Detailed Specification and Sourcing for Parts
  • A Handbrake Under the Dashboard by John Hardy
  • BRAKES by Dave Punshon
  • GT40 Brakes (or lack of them) by Mike Osborne
  • Ford 302 Alloy Head Replacement by Mike Osborne
  • Gearing & Speed - The Final Solution by Ken Saunders
  • GT40 Enthusiasts Club.
  • Regional Representatives and Meetings.
  • Berks/Hants Brian Magee Tel: 01635 268795 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:30.
    Bullington Cross Inn at junction of the A34 &A303.;
  • Hertfordshire Alan Feldman Tel: 0208 3469839 1st Wednesday of the month at 8:30.
    The Colney Fox, London Colney, just off the M25 Junction 22.
  • London 2nd Sunday of the month. Informal meeting starts at 12 noon.
    The Castle, Outwood, Surrey (Near Gatwick).
  • Surrey Desmond Finnan Tel: 01438 285455. 2nd Wednesday of the month.
    Informal meeting starts at 8:00 at the Fairmile, Portsmouth Road.
    Cobham, Surrey KT11 1BW.
  • Midlands Richard Guest Tel: 01564 773834 1st Tuesday of the month at 7:30.
    Toby Inn, Stone Bridge Island on the A45 near the NEC.
  • Western Area Steve Davis Tel: 01684 274755 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30.
    Cross Keys Inn, Hardwicke, Gloucester, just off M5 junction 12/A38.
  • South West Stuart Watson Davis Tel: 01272 43676 or 01272 375999.
  • Stoneleigh Show

  • Photographs - 35 GT40s parked together!
  • Club AGM at the National Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh, May 1996 - 20 GT40s!
  • Castle Coombe - The Uncensored Story by Ken Saunders
  • My First full year as a member of the GT40 Club by Mike Osborne

  • GT40 Enthusiasts Club - Le Mans trip 1998.
  • Pandora's Gearbox by Robin Sundt
  • A Night to Remember by Robin Sundt

  • GT40 Enthusiasts Club Le Mans trip 1997.
  • Plans for the GT40 Replica Club Le Mans Trip 1997 by Ken Saunders

  • GT40 Enthusiasts Club Le Mans trip 1996.
  • Plans for the GT40 Enthusiasts Club Le Mans Trip 1996 by Ken Saunders
  • Report on the 1996 Trip to Le Mans by Ken Saunders
  • Le Mans Trip Report by R.C. Sundt
  • Diary of a Back-Up Driver by Steve Davis

  • GT40 History.
  • FORD of Britain, Public Affairs Staff, Press Release, January 1966
  • The Most Expensive Ford Ever, January 1966
  • The FORD GT40 - The Early Years by Richard Guest
  • Articles have appeared in Fortyfication the Club Magazine of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club.
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    GT40 Enthusiasts Club.
    For details about the club and how to join Visit the GT40 Enthusiasts Club website

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